• Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation is a fundamental part of the personal training service. It acts to create a complete physical and mental picture of you and your lifestyle. We will look at different aspects of your health, fitness and lifestyle to see where you currently are, where you would like to be, and the best way to get there. The initial consultaion includes:

    Goal setting
    We will delve into what you want to achieve and the key motivating factors. We then set realistic, attainable targetswihtin an agreed time period - we will set goals for the short, medium and longer term. By investigating your choice of goal, your rationale, your exercise history and any factors that might hinder you, we can establish a path going forward.

    Your lifestyle will have an important and major impact on your results. It can include many factors such sleep patterns, stress levels, work and family commitments, and your approach and attitude towards life. Many other things can be addressed within your lifestyle assessment but each is individual to the client.

    Fitness assessment
    Your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility will be assessed using standardised tests. These will be selected and undertaken in a way that is appropriate to your current level of fitness and ability. You will be closely supported and guided throughout and your comfort is paramount. The results will provide vital benchmarks with which to plan your training and assess future progress.

    Health screening
    Health screening gathers information to use as a benchmark for progress monitoring and future reviews. This will include body weight, height, waist and hip measurements.

    Training plan
    All of the information gathered through the initial consultation will allow us to set the days, times, type and duration of your training.

    Food and activity diary
    You will be asked to complete a five day food and activity diary in detail. This will allow us to discover more about your eating habits and provide guidance for any required dietary change in line with your goals.

    With all of this information, together we will be able to formulate a clear plan for your individual health and fitness development. Your progress will be reviewed every 4-6 weeks, and your training plan adapted as necessary as we work towards reaching your target goals.