• Weight Loss

    Weight loss is one of the most common yet challenging goals, and the approach is different for each individual.

    Having lost over 5 stone myself, I completely understand the desire to achieve a target weight. I am therefore in a great position to help you achieve your goals by creating a bespoke and structured programme that combines training techniques and nutritional advice alongside my support and guidance. We will work together to improve your body confidence and improve your health and wellbeing.

    Your body will be continually challenged through a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training techniques. This structured but varied programme will be tailored to your fitness level - preventing the body from reaching a state of plateau and encouraging optimal fat loss, whilst creating leaner and stronger muscles.

    I will give you help and advice for planning a nutritionally balanced diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals, again tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

    We will continually assess your progress towards your goal and I will provide you with support and guidance to help you achieve this.

    Please contact me to arrange your FREE Personal Training initial consultation or if you have any queries at all.