• Why Train With Me

    I am not about the latest fads and trends, but tried and tested methods for proven weight loss and fitness. I believe a combination of good nutrition and carefully planned training, balanced with a healthy lifestyle, is the very simple ‘gold standard’ for success. That’s why my motto is ‘Eat well, Get Fit, Live Better’.

    Everyone is different and recognising this is the way to get great results. The initial consultation (focusing on nutrition, fitness, health and lifestyle) allows me to build an in-depth picture of that person. I then have the best understanding of your goals and the rationale behind them.

    I use the most efficient styles of cardiovascular and resistance training to best achieve great results focused on your individual goals. Using the science behind the training in a fun and dynamic format means sessions are both enjoyable and effective.

    Every individual will have a goal and a different reasoning behind it. With this comes different emotions - you may feel anxious, excited, nervous or even relief to have embarked on a new adventure. However you feel, I will be friendly and encouraging and put you at ease, so that you enjoy your training and get maximum benefits. I do not judge or critique, but work with you to find a solution that is unique to you.

    Everyone has different levels of health and fitness, different lifestyles, and different work and family commitments. I completely understand this and your Personal Training will be designed to support a busy life.

    For more information and to book your free Personal Training initial consultation please contact me.