My work is mainly print based, featuring people, places and memories. I’m very much a beginner – it’s all about enjoying the process and the finished piece – nothing more complicated than that. Each piece is totally unique as lino printing is not an exact science! My favourite famous printmakers are Paul Catterall, and those from the Modernist British Printmaking movement in the 1930/40’s, especially the women like Lill Tschudi.

My most popular piece of work is ‘Salisbury Vessels’ – a large 2 colour Lino print celebrating the city and surrounds, with many hidden references. I’ve also done a Wilton and Downton print in the same style – both villages near Salisbury.

I live near Downton with my husband, 3 kids (1 adult and 2 teenagers) and 3 dogs. They have to put up with me taking over all the kitchen surfaces and hanging pieces to dry wherever there’s space. I’m lucky to also have a studio at home where I store everything and do all my drawings, carving etc.

I’m a member of Plain Arts Salisbury and exhibited at their Winter Exhibition 2021/22. I’ve had work selected and awarded ‘Highly Commended’ by Salisbury Art Care for their open exhibition at Salisbury Hospital in Spring 2022.

I specially designed a Lino print / collage that won the competition to be the catalogue cover for the Salisbury Art Trail 2022. My aim was to make it vibrant and friendly – showing that the art trail is for the enjoyment of everyone. I find that people love recognising things they know and it helps capture their attention.

Winning print for Salisbury Art Trail 2022 catalogue cover

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